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Thread: geforce 9800 GTX driver 177.79

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    geforce 9800 GTX driver 177.79

    I am working on a Lenovo IdeaCentre K200- 53122LQ desktop and had installed Windows 7 recently. I have been using geforce 8800 gt video card on my Lenovo desktop. But it had gone bad last week so I purchased geforce 9800 GTX video card as a replacement for it. But I am not aware what feature would I probably get for geforce 9800 GTX over geforce 8800 gt.
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    Re: geforce 9800 GTX driver 177.79

    The graphic card Geforce 9800 GTX is an enhanced version of the earlier Geforce 8800 gt. It can be said that the 8800gt graphic card is simply renamed under a few changes as 9800 gtx graphic card. Make sure that the graphic card is compatible with your motherboard. It is a good choice for playing computer games.

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    Re: geforce 9800 GTX driver 177.79

    Firstly if you are guessing that your new video card 9800 GTX is very different and provides more features than the 8800GTX then you are partially wrong. It is true that 9800 GTX is more better than 8800GTX video card, but it is so because 9800 GTX is a rebranded version of the video card 8800 GTX. Always make sure that your new video card stays cool so that it does not heats up and finally go bad. It should be kept below 70c at load.

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    Re: geforce 9800 GTX driver 177.79

    I have also installed a new Geforce 9800 gtx graphic card. But there are no passive improvements to my Dell desktop. It is a HybridPower technology graphic card. To list a few features are, Maximum VGA Resolution: 2048x1536, Bus Support: PCI-E 2.0 and Maximum Digital Resolution: 2560x1600. For driver update you can go to the Device Manager locate your graphic card, right click and update it.

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