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Thread: Graphic Card not detected by New Seagate Hard drive

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    Graphic Card not detected by New Seagate Hard drive

    I am having Windows XP installed on my computer that runs on Intel Core 2 Duo processor and Giga-byte motherboard. I also use a Sapphire HD 4650 1GB graphic card. I bought a new Seagate SATA-2 250GB hard drive as I was earlier only having 80 GB hard drive. Now when I have removed the old 80GB hard drive and installed Windows XP on it, the graphc card is not detected. Why is the graphic card not detected?

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    Re: Graphic Card not detected by New Seagate Hard drive

    Take a backup of your old 80GB hard disk. Once you have the backup, format that old hard disk. Again re-install Windows XP as you did for your new Seagate hard disk. After re-installing Windows XP check whether are you getting the required graphic support from your graphic card. If not then might be the Windows XP CD that you are using has some issues, or it may not have the necessary drivers. Try to install Windows XP using another CD.

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    Re: Graphic Card not detected by New Seagate Hard drive

    This is what happened with me when I added another 120 GB Transcend Hard-disk to my computer configuration. After adding another Hard disk and upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 I was only getting the onboard graphics eventhough I had a 512MB Nvidia graphic card. When I again down graded to Windows XP as it was earlier, I was still unable to get the graphic card support. But then after removing and properly plugging te graphic card on my Intel motherboard it was solved. So might be that your graphic card needs to be properly plugged in.

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    Re: Graphic Card not detected by New Seagate Hard drive

    The issue might actually be with your new hard disk also. As you are using a brand new hard disk which is probably under warrenty, take it to the vendor. Get it replaced. Also you can try to use some other hard disks and check whether the problem still persist with other hard disks also. Also you may need to update your graphic card drivers. Install operating system other than Windows XP example, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and see whether your graphic card is detected or not.

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