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Thread: Confused with Tft and Lcd. What is better?

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    Confused with Tft and Lcd. What is better?

    Hello. Well I am planning to buy a monitor for my system as my old monitor has damaged and I am planning to buy a LCD monitor. But some of my friends say that TFT is much better go for it. The thing is TFT and LCD monitors looks one and the same. They are flat and with lesser width. It is adjustable and takes less space.But what is the difference between both of them. Please help.

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    Re: Confused with Tft and Lcd. What is better?

    Hello. Well the difference between both is not much. LCD stands for Liquid crystal display unit which is made up any number of color or you can say monochrome pixels that are been arrayed in such a way that it gets reflected when in front of a light source. TFT-LCD is Thin film transistor LCD. Quite similar to LCd but with a thin layer of film transistor.

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    Re: Confused with Tft and Lcd. What is better?

    I would recommend you to go for TFT. It has more improved features than of LCD. As LCD is a device made up of liquid crystal. But TFT is made up of thin layer film transistor. The thing is that LCD has a drawback that a light reflector allows you to visualize the picture from one direction only. While TFT has the benefit on this that it do not use one light source and consumes much more lesser electronic power.

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    Re: Confused with Tft and Lcd. What is better?

    There is very less difference between LCD and a TFT LCD visual display unit device. You might got to know that what are basically Lcd and TFt but it would be much more advisable that you go for a TFt monitor as it is an advanced verison of Lcd monitors so it is quite obvious that it has much more advantage.

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