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Thread: change termopaste on asus 9800gt.

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    change termopaste on asus 9800gt.

    I just bought Hp pavilion desktop. For better video quality i take asus 9800gt. but now it gives heating problem. so i I took almost everything off for to change termopaste. But i cant properly apply it. can anyone know how should i do that? Any suggestion??

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    Re: change termopaste on asus 9800gt.

    First you must check if it will work with your system or not. To do this, go to Start> Control Panel> System> Advanced> Settings under Startup and Recovery> Uncheck Automatically restart under System failure. Rather than automatically restart your computer, it displays the BSOD for you. This will help you determine exactly why the accident is underway. Although it is generally problematic video is not always.Otherwise go to vendor prescription. Apply heat sink under proper supervision.

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    Re: change termopaste on asus 9800gt.

    Clean both surfaces - the bottom of the radiator industry and raised the CPU. I use rubbing alcohol, but acetone can also be used. Make sure both surfaces are free of dust after you wipe with a damp cloth (or you can use alcohol) fabrics, I use a can of compressed air. Let both surfaces of the radiator dry.Pull vertically out of the chip. Examine the pattern and thickness of fat left on the heatsink.little raised peaks or ridges evenly distributed throughout the chip and heat sink where there is good contact between the two.

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    Re: change termopaste on asus 9800gt.

    Clean both surfaces pull the heatsink vertically on the the chip.Examine the pattern and thickness of the grease left on both the heatsink .Reinstall the radiator and remove it again for verification. If both CPU die and heatsink are fairly flat, you should be able to see through the thermal grease and see the color beneath the summits little fat. Note the peaks of grease on the processor die in some of these pictures - those are areas of excess fat. All areas of poor contact should be filled with some grease.Plug the CPU fan and see how things go.

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