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Thread: Monitor Goes Off

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    Monitor Goes Off

    I have lg 17" crt monitor at my home. when i was working on that it suddenly off. i check everything but it could not started. only the light which shows power is deemly light.can you help me out?

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    Re: Monitor Goes Off

    There are many reason. check the power supply of the monitor.check connection to the cpu is properly connected.May be your video card get faulty.You must test that. check your system with a professional computer technician .If there is any computer virus contamination so antivirus scan your computer's system. check the resolution .

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    Re: Monitor Goes Off

    you must check the data cable of your monitor on some other working system.if it is ok then you must check your graphics card using some other monitor.check what your power indicator shows.yellow,or orange, monitor indicator light indicates no signal is getting to the monitor from the video card. may be the card is not sending a signal. Or problem with the cable or connectors.check your card it may not be seated properly.

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    Re: Monitor Goes Off

    Sometimes it happen with monitor. Check all the connection is properly connected. check your video card or may be it's driver get corrupted. check the power supply of monitor. if everything is fine that to your monitor is not working then you have to check your system with a professional computer technician

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