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Thread: Sync Out of Range

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    Sync Out of Range

    I replaced my old monitor with a monitor more used came from my friend and to watch that it is in good form. After connecting the connector to port VGA it takes, me of my computer, but after the one of Windows XP the starting screen that does not go to the screen Beginning of session of Windows XP next, the monitor shows " SYNC Out of RANGE". What is about this problem?

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    Re: Sync Out of Range

    Horizontal and vertical sync is related to the monitor, and the terms have been known from first in black and white the television appeared for 60 years. If the synchronization were not good, the image began rolling, reason why was a button until it stayed stable. It has to do with the speed of the electron beam in the horizontal and vertical monitor. If he is fast to the beam already is in the part inferior, when the content is not still. The video sends a signal with certain characteristics for the monitor, and the monitor must be able to gather them. To find the specifications of the monitor and to form its video so that it is within the supported rank.

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    Re: Sync Out of Range

    Hit F8 to obtain the same menu as if outside safe way, but it selects way VGA. This will recover the screen to the resolution base. You must change from there.

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    Re: Sync Out of Range

    Connect the age monitor, to reduce the rate of refreshment of 60 Hertz, the resolution to 640x480, extinguished, it disconnects the age monitor, and returns to Samsung. If it works, then to increase the rate of refreshment of 70 Hertz. Although, next, it increases the resolution 800x600. Although, next, it goes to 1024x768. If that is correct, then live there. If ' Sync outside range " message appears in any place throughout the way and, next, to return to the old one to control and to reduce to the resolution and/or rate of refreshment.

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