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Thread: Pixelview geforce4 driver

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    Pixelview geforce4 driver

    i am having problem with my pixelview geforce4 as its not working proper each time while working on it i get error or its get hang i have tried to solve it but i can now its looks like driver problem so please provide its driver that related to some overclocking as i tried before ?
    thank you

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    Re: Pixelview geforce4 driver

    All cards have succeeded in their transformation GeForce4 Ti 4600. GPUs are switched to and 300MHz DDR modules have all agreed to work toward the equivalent of 650MHz. Pushing the cap below, the PixelView was awarded the record-level GPU: 315MHz. Then i find the Abit (314MHz), Creative (313MHz) and Leadtek (310MHz). The foursome memory is a little different: PixelView (680MHz), Leadtek (670MHz), Creative (670MHz) and Abit (660MHz). Check the scores achieved by the GPU use 3D Mark also make sure you have make correct settings

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    Re: Pixelview geforce4 driver

    It is noisy and the bundle is too small. Moreover, its price stands in the middle ... The other three cards are much harder to break. If Abit is quiet and well equipped with hardware bundle, it faces the A250 noisiest but offering a bundle hardware and software. Finally, the Pixelview is very interesting including the presence of a video input that compensates for the lack of DVI-> VGA but the price kind of average. Later overclocking, the card actually comes out of the lot. The frequencies are large final dependent on the quality of the motherboard and power you can download its driver from manufacturer web site or just check for online hardware scanner and driver provider which is binary application.

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