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Thread: monitor won't stay on

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    monitor won't stay on

    I have a HP monitor LP2475w which is 17 inch in size. Whenever I try to power it on it wont stay on and if I press the power button for few seconds it will switch off? If the Power Management functions is turned on then it will flickers on and off continously. Only after connecting and letting it stay for a undetermined period of time it will finally stay on. So can anyone tell me how to let the monitor stay on continously after powering? Thanks

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    Re: monitor won't stay on

    It is a sign of a failing monitor, unfortunately I think and I also presume that monitors are repaired rarely any more. However, have you checked for a bad cable or connector? Power cord as well as data cable. Try the monitor with another computer to be sure the trouble is in the monitor and not in the computer.
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    Re: monitor won't stay on

    It sounds to me like a low voltage rectifier is going out in the monitor. Get the PSU regulation in the monitor repaired or if it is broken then buy a new one. I also think that your monitor can be serviced, but this may not be cost effective. The labour would be more costly than the parts. If in the case any proprietary parts must be changed, many of the manufactures will not sell replacement parts to support after warranty service.

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    Re: monitor won't stay on

    When you turn it on, and it's running for those 30 seconds, try to quickly turn down the brighness and contrast. This happened to me a couple of times at work with some of the flat screens there. Possibly, try and update the drivers, or flash the onbaord bios on the graphics card. If you want to do that, you have to be VERY sure what bios you flash it with, choosing the wrong bios, can kill your card.

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