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Thread: Philips 240BW8

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    Philips 240BW8

    I'm planning to buy a new monitor screen for my system. I'm planning to go for Philips 240bw8 monitor. According to review it seems to be worthful to go for, but still have slightly hesitation before going for Philips 240bw8 monitor screen. So, can any body please provide me little more information on Philips 240bw8 monitor screen? Is there anyone who is currently using Philips 240bw8 monitor screen? kindly suggest me your views whether i should go for Philips 240bw8 monitor screen or not. Would appreciate your views on the above issue.

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    Re: Philips 240BW8

    It has a high resolution, legible text size,with a larger viewing area and it has also a convenient built-in speakers in it. Philips 240BW8 monitor screen is specially made up for Windows Vista.

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    Re: Philips 240BW8

    This 24inch widescreen LCD monitor is perfectly made up for your home or office use. Crystal clear pictures and its low profile can handle any task. And it has the following features in it.

    1. Big, wide screen ideal for viewing two A4 pages side by side.
    2. Tilt, swivel and height-adjust for an ideal viewing position.
    3. 5ms fast response time.
    4. DVI-D input and HDCP support.

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    Re: Philips 240BW8

    The new Philips 240BW8 has 24" display is ideal for both the Home and Business professional. The 1920 x 1200 pixel panel has the latest advancements in technology, boasting a 1000:1. Of course, the Philips 240BW8 is full HD and incorporates the HDMI input for connectivity between DVD Players, Games Consoles and Graphics Cards choosing this interface type.

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