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Thread: Dell 2709W or Dell 2408WFP

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    Dell 2709W or Dell 2408WFP

    Hello , I am Ready to purchase a Monitor in Couple of Week its will be mostly use for playing games on pc, watching movies and also at some point for the ps3, I am Looking for Dell 2709W or Dell 2408WFP , and If you Have any alternative for these monitors please Suggest Thanks in advance for Your replies

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    Re: Dell 2709W or Dell 2408WFP

    For me, I Think The 2709W is Really Large , Another problem is that with 2709W on the desk the Ventilation is Not Proper UltraSharp monitors are designed to fit just about any situation and give you a comfortable viewing experience. Adjust the height, tilt the panel forward and backward, swivel it left-to-right, or even pivot from landscape mode to portrait mode to fit your optimal viewing position. Convenient USB 2.0 ports and media card readers help you avoid the hassle of running out of USB ports on your PC or reaching around the back to access them.

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    Re: Dell 2709W or Dell 2408WFP

    Hello , I Think You Should Go With DELL ULTRASHARP 2709W As This 27-inch high-resolution widescreen display delivers amazing 1920 x 1200 native resolution, spectacular 3000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (typical) and lightning fast 6 ms response time (typical). That means wider, more accurate color detail, razor-sharp images and fluid motion.

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    Re: Dell 2709W or Dell 2408WFP

    Hello , i Would Recommend You to go with Cheaper option whether it is Dell 2709W or Dell 2408WFP , Also there are these benq monitor which are really cool check out it at this Benq e2200hd

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