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Thread: HD 4830 or 9600GT

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    HD 4830 or 9600GT

    Going to buy a new video card so that I can play some recent good games. Have been considering between HD 4830 and 9600GT whose reviews I read and are pretty good. Which one among these 2 will be the best performer for my gaming PC?

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    Re: HD 4830 or 9600GT

    The 4830 may win on benchmarks but nvidia make better cards. The graphics look better on a nvidia card than a ATi. If you want better texture go for the nvidia and if you want better fps go for th ATi.

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    Re: HD 4830 or 9600GT

    Here are some pros and cons:

    - The Radeon 4830 would outperform the 9600GT (by a noticeable amount, I think? Supposedly about as good as a 9800GTX)
    - My mobo is Crossfire-enabled, so I could pick up another 4830 (or some other 48xx, theoretically) down the road
    - I could put my 9600GT in my spare computer build, which currently is using onboard graphics
    - Runs at about the same power as the 9600GT, meaning I definitely wouldn't have to worry about my PSU

    - It's still $130 I might be able to spend elsewhere
    - My 9600GT runs most games well, so far, though not optimally (eventually, want to play SC2 and Diablo 3)
    - While it'd be fun to have two computers with dedicated graphics, it's not really needed
    - If I go with Crossfire down the road, I'd probably need to update my PSU. It might be better just to wait for the 4850 or 4870 to come down in price and use a single card.

    Your thoughts? It kind of bugs me that my 9600GT is considered a bit below average these days (I think 8800GT is the standard for most people). It's a great, great card for the price, though.

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    Re: HD 4830 or 9600GT

    Go for the 4830, but to me, this is a silly question, add the 9800 GT to the list and get the 9800 GT, it's almost the same price as the 4830 but more powerful.

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    Re: HD 4830 or 9600GT

    HD4830 pawns 9600GT anytime.
    this card have large overclocking headroom

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