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Thread: 8800GTX running very hot as time goes by

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    8800GTX running very hot as time goes by

    Hello, I have this graphic card which runs pretty hot at some times. Too cool this graphic card I have also put 6 fans alone. But as soon as I play any games like Far Cry 2 the temperature goes to around 90-95c causing the problem of an error: Nvlddmkm stopped responding. Please tell me what should I do to cool the 8800GTX graphic card as I dont want to invest again in getting a new card.

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    Re: 8800GTX running very hot as time goes by

    Just get a Thermalright HR-03 Plus or some other ones.
    Reseat the heatsink, use bugger all thermal paste. If it squeezes out from the side, it's too much. That's my rule of thumb at least.

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    Re: 8800GTX running very hot as time goes by

    things you can do to reduce/change that:
    1.) aftermarket cooling (air or water)
    2.) modify case so that there is/are 1 or more fans blowing onto the "pcie section" of the mobo.
    3.) clean out all your fans, tidy up your cable work, ensuring optimum case air flow.
    4.) addmore fans.
    5.) get a pci slot fan to fit inbetween the cards and help spread the air.

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    Re: 8800GTX running very hot as time goes by

    I have the same card and have the same problems with the PC crashing while playing games, but my temps are around 47idle and 57max. Heat sounds like it may be a problem with you though. What type of case/cooling are you using? If possible, I would look into upgrading those two things to try and get those temps down. Run your temperature monitor before you play a game. Then while in the game (before it crashes) Alt+Tab to the desktop to see what the temps are doing.

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