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Thread: Slow Monitor Display

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    Slow Monitor Display

    I am faing a strange problem with my crt monitor. Yesterday when i started my computer and turned on the monitor, it gave me a message "no signal input" and waiting for approximately 30 minutes, the display came again. I tried it today and i faced the same problem.

    Please provide some assistance regarding this

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    Re: Slow Monitor Display

    Here are some ways to troubleshoot, but before you do any of this make sure you update you're video card from its respective retail vendor to see if it resolves the issue!

    1- Try using the monitor on another computer (or try using another monitor known to work well, on your computer) to see if it still takes as long. If it does, see number 2. If it doesnt see number 3.
    2- Your monitor is failing and will need to be replaced.
    3- Your motherboard/video card is damaged/failing and will need to be replaced. If you have a video card, try using your on-board VGA port. Or if you are using onboard video, you will need to replace your motherboard or install a video card.

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    Re: Slow Monitor Display

    It can be taking long for one or more of these reasons: the converter is damaged and or dying (Your monitor will need to be replaced), your computers video card is taking awhile to transmit instructions (Try updating your drivers), or your video card is failing (Your video card, or if you have 'on-board video' in which your video made directly from the motherboard will need to be replaced.)

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