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Thread: Strange Problems With Nvidia GeForce 7600GS Video Card

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    Strange Problems With Nvidia GeForce 7600GS Video Card

    I am in a strange hussle with my new video card. I recently exchanged my video card from a 64mb card to a 512mb card of the NVIDIA geforce 7600 GS, AGP 8X. i purchased this card as to play battlefield 2 game. i am able to play games such as Warcraft, enemy territory, resident evil 3 before on my 64MB video card but as i installed my video card it basicaly provides red flashes on the screen and ask me to install the driver which came along the card which i have already done. Please provide some help regarding this
    Your help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Strange Problems With Nvidia GeForce 7600GS Video Card

    If you are on a LCD flat screen or a laptop, There are chips that are both Horzontal ,and vertical amplifiers.
    They amplify the digital signal from the video card. They amplify the pixels for the red, green and blue pixels.

    What the problem I think is that a Amplifier chip is bad, or its connections are bad. on a Horzontial red pixel amplifier. ( for that screen region ). On some Macintosh Powerbooks, all that is needed is some solder to fix, you are either going to have to learn to live with it, or are going to have to have it replaced. ( No one, fixes the chips anymore. )

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    Re: Strange Problems With Nvidia GeForce 7600GS Video Card

    I have a dual monitor setup and am experiencing the same issue on both monitors, I tried updating graphics/monitor drivers etc but nothing worked. I know its not the monitors because if I move a window which has the lines on they disappear for a few seconds but then re-appear.

    I finally solved my issue by changing the Refresh Rate in the Display Settings in Vista. It was set to 60hertz, when i changed this to 70hertz the issue is gone. I'm not sure why this happened because i'm sure I have always had it on 60hertz, but anyway its fixed on mine now.

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    Re: Strange Problems With Nvidia GeForce 7600GS Video Card

    Firstly, check the physical cable connection between your monitor and graphics card and also check to see that the card is seated correctly in its socket on your motherboard. Removing and reinserting a card can sometimes solve problems like this. Next, restart your pc in safe mode. In this mode, only the basic device drivers as supplied on the Vista installation disk are utilised. All other 3rd party drivers are not used in this mode. Does your screen still have a red tinge? Either way, whilst you are in safe mode do a full scan of your system with your anti-malware tools and allow them to automatically fix any issues that they find. Next, reboot your system normally. Has the red tinge disappeared? I suspect that you have contracted some form of malware from the site where you obtained the cd key. Many of these sites use cracked versions and, like sites which offer you screensavers, they can be a source of malware. Even just viewing such a site can be risky.

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    Re: Strange Problems With Nvidia GeForce 7600GS Video Card

    My advice to you when you buy software that requires a key is to copy the key to a text file and back up this file to a removeable drive such as a USB flash drive. That way, if you lose the key from the sofware packaging, you still have a record of it which you can refer to. Another point to note is that if software asks you to install a version of DirectX, do not install it from that media. Instead, decline and download the latest version directly from Microsoft themselves. Although DX10 is included in Vista, many games and other software still require a DX9 variant, and this is still available from Microsoft.

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