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Thread: Error Code 43

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    Error Code 43


    I bought another GTX 260 (216sp) today. Both cards are detected in the device manager , and in nvidia control panel. They are both connected properly to a new 750W PSU. Windows detected it and everything was fine. I restarted and I got error code 43. Device driver failed to load. Reinstalling the driver will allow the driver to work again, but then SLI cannot be enabled.

    If I uninstall the driver, remove 1 of the cards, boot, power down and install the 2nd, I then can enable SLI, but only until the next reboot, after which I get error code 43 again.

    Both cards works fine, I tested them. Could a newer BIOS fix the problem? Has anyone had this or heard of it? If anyone has any experience with this help would very much be appreciated.


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    Re: Error Code 43

    I'm not sure if the 750w is enough for both card. Have you tried something more?

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    Re: Error Code 43

    Which drivers are you using? , uninstall the drivers and reinstall it. code 43 means driver conflict i believe.

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    Re: Error Code 43

    You have to use the 180.XX series nvidia drivers for sli to work with these cards. If you using windows xp then try this , otherwise browse here :

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