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Thread: GTX 280 Temperatures

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    GTX 280 Temperatures

    i am using windows vista and I have a question with a gtx 280, during the game, it warms to 60 degrees, but for some reason with the fans there are only 50%, as done in the games, they automatically spin up to 70% somewhere is that problem ? also some recently temperature is about 70C instead of 55C as before is here any thing wrong? please reply thank you.

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    Re: GTX 280 Temperatures

    search google for riva tuner, its pretty easy to use, its just a slider bar and a nice GUI, it also has tooltips , and very noob friendly.its also good this program, because when i play my games i play for a few hours at a time, and i run the card flat out 16X everything, 1680x1050, and also quality texture, so I turn my fan up to 75% sometime more depending on the ambient so its very handy to have such a program.

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    Re: GTX 280 Temperatures

    I'm on the default cooler rotates by 40% (this is where it turns 750-800). And scatters starts only at temperatures> 80 degrees. If desired, in Riva tuner to change the settings, but at high speed cooler 280 stoves rustles like a hair dryer. Very loud.

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