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Thread: Hauppauge's Win-TV-HVR-1600 Unable to Search channels

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    Hauppauge's Win-TV-HVR-1600 Unable to Search channels

    Hi there........

    I recently installed this Hauppauge's WinTV HVR 1600 version 6 card. After purchasing and and now I never really used or installed it to my motherboard.

    I followed the instructions provided int user's manual that came with the product but I am not able to search or tune up any channels at all. I have no idea how to fix this one. I have gone into the channel manager option and in the scan section and did the following procedure for searching the channels but all in vain.

    Is there anyone that knows how to do this or anyone who can point me in the right direction.

    Please provide me some reply regarding this.............

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    Re: Hauppauge's Win-TV-HVR-1600 Unable to Search channels

    hi there....
    i too bought it and had faced the same problem.........

    I recently fix mines. I mostly have what you are having. Check your tuner cable connection done properly or not. So if thats the problem then run the wizard again and you might have your solution.

    To explain you more I messed up with my ir blaster and also with my receiver and when I tried to run the wizard it did not show any kind of response or signal in the video or while just booting up livetv. So I restarted my PC and run the Beyond tv wizard again and it was showing video. Try this one too.

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    Re: Hauppauge's Win-TV-HVR-1600 Unable to Search channels

    i guess if you have done with all the solutions.......
    simply visit the below provided site and again perform a step by step installation with the help of the provided instruction............

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    Re: Hauppauge's Win-TV-HVR-1600 Unable to Search channels

    Please follow these steps carefully:

    Installation Procedure Of Hauppauge's WinTV-HVR-1600:

    WinTVHVR-1600 is strongly designed for WindowsXP and Windows Vista and
    if you are running Windows Media Center application, you only
    need to install the WinTV-HVR Windows device driver.

    • Installation Steps:

    1. Install the WinTV-HVR-1600 board in your PC and connect the TV cables. To recieve best ATSC digital TV reception, use a high
      quality roof top antenna.
    2. As you completely boot Windows, Try to install WinTV-HVR Windows device driver from the WinTV-HVR-1600 Installation from CD-ROM.
    3. After the Windows driver is installed, Try to install the WinTV applications from the WinTV-HVR-1600 Installation from CD-ROM.
    4. Now Install the WinTV-HVR-1600 board and connect the cables properly.
    5. Shutdown your PC as to avoid damge to card or prevent yourself from any electric shock . Install the WinTV-HVR-1600 into a PCI slot.
    6. On some PC’s, the WinTV-HVR needs to be plugged into the first or second PCI slot. Plug your cable TV into TV Connector.
    7. Plug your ATSC digital TV antenna into the ATSC Digital TV input.
    8. The S-Video/composite video input can be used to bring video from a VCR, camcorder, camera, DVD player or satellite TV receiver. If your video device uses composite video instead of S-Video, use the supplied Composite to S-Video adapter.
    9. Plug your composite video connector which is normally yellow one into one end of the Composite to SVideo adapter and the other end into the S-Video/Composite video input connector on WinTV-HVR-1600.
    10. The Remote control receiver/blaster cable is plugged into the Remote control socket. Use the Velcro dot which is on the back of the Remote control receiver inorder to position the Remote control receiver where it will be able to receive infra-red commands from the Remote control transmitter.
    11. Add the provided batteries to the Remote control transmitter.
    12. Try Installing the WinTV-HVR under Windows XP.
    13. After installing the WinTVHVR in your PC and booting into Windows, there will be a pop-up message that Found New Hardware Wizard which will appear on your screen.
    14. Select Click No, and go for not at this time.
    15. Then Click Next.
    16. Also Insert the WinTV-HVR-1600 Installation CD into your CD-ROM drive and make sure that the Installation of the software automatically is checked.
    17. Then Click Next.
    18. The Hardware Installation dialog box opens with a message, Just ignore it and click Continue Anyway.
    19. The WinTV-HVR driver will be installed. This will take several seconds.
    20. Then Click Finish.
    21. This is a Hardware Installation procedure which will complete the driver installation for Windows XP.

    • WinTV-HVR Software installation Procedure:

    1. After the WinTV-HVR driver is been installed, you need to run WinTV Setup inorder to complete the remainig installation.
    2. You can run SETUP from the WinTV-HVR Installation CD in the CD-ROM drive.
    3. Click Install option to start the application installation.
    4. The installation may require a file from your Windows CD-ROM, so keep it ready beside you.
    5. After the Setup program is complete, you will see the WinTV2000 icon on your computer desktop.
    6. Run WinTV2000 for the first time.
    7. To run the WinTV2000 application for watching TV, recording videos and playing them back on your PC, double click on the WinTV 2000 icon on your computer desktop.
    8. When you run WinTV2000 for the first time, a message says would you like to scan for channels now?
    9. Click YES.
    10. Click the Scan button and WinTV2000 will automatically scan for both analog and ATSC digital TV channels.
    11. The scanning process takes about 10 minutes. The scanning process for ATSC will scan from channels 2 to 68.
    12. The ATSC digital channels that are found will appear in the channel listing box. The Name is the name as defined by the broadcaster.
    13. The Channel number is created by the WinTV application. For ATSC digital channels, since each primary channel might have several subchannels, the channel number is calculated so that channel 22.2 would be listed as 1222. Channel 7.2 would be listed as 1072.


    If you do not receive any ATSC digital TV channels, an antenna signal booster might be needed.

    When initially installed, WinTV-HVR-1600 uses a setting which does not take advantage of graphics acceleration.

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