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Drivers nVidia GeForce 8600 GS (for Vista)

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Old 18-12-2008
Join Date: Mar 2008
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Drivers nVidia GeForce 8600 GS (for Vista)

hello ...

I just bought a new machine, and I want to update the drivers for my graphic card. It is an nVidia GeForce 8600M GS, which runs on Vista course ...

I looked at several sites (also one of nVidia) to find the drivers, but I never the exact name of my GC.

On the site after nVidia example I find drivers for the GeForce 8600 GT and GTS, but not GS. And then we must also choose between drivers for Vista-32-bit and 64-bit Vista, which I know how (my processor is an AMD Turion 64 X2, I do not know if that means my Vista is a 64-bit ...)

So if someone could tell me where to search these drivers, thank you in advance

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Old 18-12-2008
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Re: Drivers nVidia GeForce 8600 GS (for Vista)

Hi Friend

Small tip, you download the latest driver Nvidia ____ .

From uninstall your old driver (because it never does a driver over another)

in the installation folder, look for a file called nv_disp.inf you open and you want the following lines:

NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0191.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0191
NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0193
NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0194.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0194
NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0400.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0400
NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0402.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0402
NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0421.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0421
NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0422.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0422
NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0423.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0423

And just below adds the following:
NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0425.1%% = nv_NV3x, PCI \ Ven_10de & DEV_0425

Then look for the following sequence of lines
NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0191.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX"
NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0193.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS"
NVIDIA_G80.DEV_0194.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra"
NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0400.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS"
NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0402.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT"
NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0421.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT"
NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0422.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS"
NVIDIA_G86.DEV_0423.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8300 GS"
And add just below the following:
NVIDIA_G84.DEV_0425.1 = "NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GS"

Then you save the file, you farm and you start the installation ... that you change the driver of Office which supplied with your laptop.
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Old 18-12-2008
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 227
Re: Drivers nVidia GeForce 8600 GS (for Vista)


thank you for the trick it worked.

But unfortunately, the same manual did not work under Windows XP. I just bought a new HP Pavilion dv9533ef and I wanted to configure a dual-boot vista XP. Under XP, I managed to find all my device drivers except the driver of this famous nVidia GeForce 8600M GS.

Is there any solution?
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