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Thread: graphics card for Crysis

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    graphics card for Crysis

    Hi all I buy the games Crysis and it does not start. I could not go on the Internet after installing or play a movie, so I have to format it and done the same, I have this error message that appears nV4_disp. Fortunately I have a GeForce 5200 in troubleshooting. Thank you in advance for your response.

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    Re: graphics card for Crysis

    see some suggestion here : problem with graphics card X1650XT

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    Re: graphics card for Crysis

    the easiest way to fix this problem is to unistall the driver, use drivercleaner (with caution of course), the reinstall the driver, 84.21 is the most stable for fx 5200, and that's all

    if you still get that message, then go to start--exectute and clic
    type in msconfig and press enter

    that shows a list of services that load on start up

    go to the last tab (don't touch anything else)

    be sure to check that nvdisp and nwiz etc etc are checked, (those are nvidia services)
    accept and restart.

    good luck, tell us if it worked

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    Re: graphics card for Crysis


    With a FX 5200, a map is unable to run this Thursday Otherwise, the 6800 GS is even far too inefficient to run, you need at least one card Series 8800 hoped to be able to play (an 8800 GT at least is more than recommended).

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