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Thread: Nvidia's driver gives error : nv4_disp ....

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    Nvidia's driver gives error : nv4_disp ....


    I have formatted my pc due to virus problem. The story that I was able to install all drivers except those of the T. video, when purchasing my team gave me some CDs with drivers from all over. The thing is that when you install those of t. Video works well few minutes and then get a screenshot that said there was an error in the system, and restart it touches me to avoid leaving me to continue playing uninstall, thus the pc pulls no mistake. Initially I had the windows xp normal and this time he got the windows u. Subsequent something in this? ... Incidentally suddenly thinking that the drivers were descatualizados and reinstall the lower, but still with the same error.

    I don't know something may be wrong. ...

    Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional (sp2)
    Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce FX 5100
    DirectX 9.0
    Realtek ALC655 @ VIA AC'97

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    It should not happen because of this, if they are their own drivers and cd-page NVDIA should function, It should have not find stability or for compatibility with drivers ..

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    Hello I did what I said and continues to go out the same mistake,

    the error is caused File: nv4_disp ....

    hence, I played uninstall the drivers nvidia to view the videos and I am not leaving this mistake.
    The drivers got off to the official home page and even look to the serial card, for greater accuracy.

    I hope your answer

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