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Thread: An evolution of the GeForce 260 GTX soon?

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    An evolution of the GeForce 260 GTX soon?

    A year ago, NVIDIA reviewed upwards the specifications of its GeForce 8800 GTS to improve its position in its line of chips. Thus, the number of units calculations shaders had increased from 96 to 112.

    For the GeForce 260 GTX, NVIDIA would have expected a similar pattern if one grows the words of Expreview. NVIDIA could get in mid-September, the number of processors flow of 192 to 216. The other specifications remain the same with frequencies of 576 / 1242 / 999 MHz (core / shader / memory) with a memory interface and a 448-bit memory size of 896 Mb The aim of the manoeuvre is of course to compete with the best Radeon HD 4870.

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    To compete "at best", there should also be a big drop in prices, because 4870 is still the big deal for now, even x2.

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    As an indication, it would have been nice to recall the number of processors flows and frequency of the GTX280 to see what extent it will be closer.

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