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Thread: How do I convert a Project page to pdf?

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    How do I convert a Project page to pdf?

    Title says all, i want to know if it is possible to convert Microsoft Project pdf? If yes, then how. I have some Microsoft Project files and i have to send it to some one who don't have Microsoft Project installed, Thanks in advance for any help.

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    There are 2 possible option.
    1. First one is that you can use "Copy Picture" wizard i.e. camera icon on the toolbar. Once you have copies it you can paste it in to another Word or Power Point document.
    2. Second method is to install PDF writer, you can install the most famous Adobe Acrobat, you can simply print your Project page as it acts like a printer to your computer.

    By the way which version of Microsoft Project you are using ??? if you are using Project 2007 then you will have to turn off bars and shapes in gantt views in 3-D to reduce the file of resultant file.

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