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Thread: Project 2007 Trial Version

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    Project 2007 Trial Version

    Currently I’m using MSP 2003. Now as MSP 2007 is available in TRAIL, I wanted to test it hence download the trail copy of the same. After searching finally I found a file named “ProjectProfessional.img”, I downloaded the same but while trying to install, the setup quits after few seconds. I’m sure the download went proper and there are no chances of getting corrupted.

    Is there any special trick to run these .img files? Or any other reason which is preventing the Trail to load on my computer? Somebody please provide working solution.

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    Re: Project 2007 Trial Version

    Hello Andre,

    The link below contains information about installing from an *.IMG file.
    Although it is referencing Visual Studio, I believe the portion
    concerning IMG files is relevant.

    I hope this helps. Let us know how you get along.

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    RE: Project 2007 Trial Version

    There is no special trick or anything which can prevent this Trail edition to install on your system. I’m saying this because am already using the same. First of all you should burn the download .img file on to a DISK using Nero or any such software and then run the setup from disk. This is how I installed it on my system. Hope it helps.

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