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Thread: Is it possible to create text effects in excel

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    Is it possible to create text effects in excel

    Hi friends recently I was trying to give some of effects to the text that I have in excel, but however I canít. This thing I have seen in MS Word which allows you to go to FONT, TEST EFFECTS and make the text "blink" on and off. Can you do the same in MS Excel? So if it is possible then how? If you guys have any of the information then please let me know.

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    Re: Is it possible to create text effects in excel

    According to my information, this thing is not predefine or exists in MS Excel, that we can make use to make the changes the text or the font in Excel. So this feature can be create and available by creating the VBA code. Finally I just want to say that this is only possible with the help of VBA.

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