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Thread: Custom Network Diagram Boxes

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    Custom Network Diagram Boxes

    Is there a way to make a box shape other than the ones in the drop down in the format box dialogue box?
    We are working on a helicopter and want a box shaped like a helicopter for the task when the 1st one is delivered.
    I figure I can insert a picture next to the box if it can't be done ...
    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Re: Custom Network Diagram Boxes

    Assuming that if you are using Microsoft Project 2003 or 2007, display the Network Diagram view and choose Format > Box Styles. Click the More Templates button and in the Data Templates, dialog, select an existing template and copy it. Give the new template a name in the Data Definition dialog window. Towards the bottom of the Data Definition dialog window in the "Choose Cells" section you can specify which fields to place in which area.

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