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Thread: Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

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    Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

    I have got one question about Microsoft Project. I have made a project plan and I have set the baseline also. Now I just want to show the delay of each task, so can anyone tell me how to do that? Lets say for example, one of the task started on march 20, 2010 and is suppose to finish on march 23, 2010. The task started normally on time but finished on March 30 same year? So, how can I show the delay of this gap days in the project plan. Thanks.

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    Re: Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

    Can you try to navigate to the Tracking Gantt (Views > Tracking Gantt) or can you try to either expose the Finish or Start Variance fields. You can right click on a column header and then select Insert Column and then try to pick from the drop down fields.

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    Re: Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

    You can try to open the project and then open the Tracking view and for that task fill in the proper start/finish dates in the columns. Incase the project schedule is modelled in Project correctly, for example, then subsequent tasks are not constrained to start or finish on specific dates. And if that task that is finish late is on the critical path, then Project will recompute the schedule and show the corresponding overall delay.

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    Re: Microsoft Project - Showing Delay of each task

    You can try to set up for tracking and updating so that you can check what you are doing, just follow the below method:

    1. First of all save a baseline
    2. After that set a status date
    3. Now you have to show the Tracking Gantt View and then the Tracking Table and then the Tracking Toolbar
    4. After that format the gridlines to show the status date as a vertical red line on the chart
    5. Now try to input the Actual Start date/time and also the Actual Duration, usually the number of days from the actual start to the status date.
    6. If necessary, ie you have laid more or less bricks than estimated, revise
    7. the remaining duration

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