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Thread: Resource Loading

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    Resource Loading

    Though am working with MS Project from past few months but this is the first time am going to load a schedule with resources. So being a newbie I need some help. One of my clients who is a constructor wants me to do this. It is having a large schedule in projects, and want me to "resource load" this. If possible, I want to know how can I load each task by quantity. Note that there are over 100 tasks with which I need to do this.

    Let me give a quick detail about my task: I will need 1 foreman, 10 operators and 6 labors working 3 days to complete this task plus all relevant equipment. According to this now can anyone please tell me the easiest and proper method to enter this without entering "operator" 10 times for each task?

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    Re: Resource Loading

    Iíve done this couple of months ago for one of my friends. You just need to go to the Resource Sheet and add the
    resource roles that you need, for example operator, etc. Once you are done with this, follow the below steps:
    • Set the Task Type to Fixed Duration for all tasks and turn off effort Driven on all Tasks
    • Now click on Tools > Options > Schedule and Show Assignment Units as a Decimal
    • Click on the Assign Resources Button (or Alt-F10) On the Gantt Chart to show the Assign Resources box
    • Once done, click on each task in turn, assign operator (or whatever) at a units of 10. By doing do itíll assign 10 operators to the task.

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    Re: Resource Loading

    Hi All,

    Could anyone advise if this resource loading can be displayed in a histogram type of chart?

    Am pretty new to project and am currently using the project to manage an offshore facility operations. Other than the main crew, we frequently have contractors/vendors/clients/surveyors/etc coming on. Main constraint that we normally have is the availability of accomodation space. Was thinking along the line of using this resource (accommodation) loading to organize and shuffle around projects to work around this limitation.

    Any suggestion and advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Resource Loading

    Can you enter in a total number of man hours for a task that is not effort driven but will take a fixed number of callendar days. EG. task = Water new sod, Duration = 21 days, 3 hours per day or effort=63 hours (spread over 21 days)?

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