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Thread: Changing Start & Finish Dates

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    Changing Start & Finish Dates

    I am using MS Project 2007. I have got a Standard Project plan that I use over and over for different clients. If I "Save As" a new plan for a new client then I will need to change the start and finish dates to reflect the current date, but it only shows the original dates when the plan was first created. So, the first overall task I am not able to change that is affecting the entire plan. If I got to task information then there items are greyed out. I have already tried to "Adjust dates" that I put in today's date, but it is not reflected anywhere and it didnt change the initial start date. I dont want to have to retype the same plan everytime I get a new customer. Check the below pic, it is the first line that needs to be changed. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Changing Start & Finish Dates

    It is the summary task in the first line, so you need to change Task 3, the first sub-task. Task 3 is complete, so after saving a copy of the file the first thing to do is select all tasks then click the 0% icon in the Track toolbar or enter 0% in the Task information dialog. Project does not moves the completed tasks. So, under project, Properties enter your new Project Start date and provided all tasks are linked, then you are good to go on.

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    Re: Changing Start & Finish Dates

    Try to follow the below steps:

    1. First of all select all tasks
    2. After that on the toolbar, you have to click the Task Information button and then go to General Tab
    3. Now you have to enter 0 as %complete and press OK and then it will start to work properly.

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    Re: Changing Start & Finish Dates

    Be aware that Project assigns a "unique #" to each new task. That number never gets used again in that "project" file. So when you rename a file and use it as a new schedule, it takes with it the unique #'s used thus far in that chedule. It may not be a big deal but it could come back to haunt you. You should be able to create a new project from the old so that you can maintain settings, etc.

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