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Thread: Resource usage view

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    Resource usage view

    Two questions on Resource usage view

    1. Can I show the task path? The task summary field shows only the parent node, but I want the entire path to know which task I'm looking at
    2. Why is the priority field of the Gantt chart not available in the Resource Usage view? When i do Add column, it is not in the list.

    I'm using Project2007


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    Re: Resource usage view

    Sorry to say but first of all Iím just unable to understand what exactly you mean by task path. If I assume predecessors then as Resource Usage view is only showing individual assignments you just cannot show the entire path. And that is the reason why priority field is not available. However, you can show the Project field to see in which project the assignment lives for multiple processes.

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    Re: Resource usage view

    If you don't want to run a macro and you don't mind your project looking a bit messy there is a way to see the context of a task whilst in Resource Usage screen. With cursor in Resource Name column select Insert, select Column, then select either (or both) Task Summary Name or Project from the Field Name section of the box.

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