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Thread: Can project send email reminder of task start date?

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    Can project send email reminder of task start date?

    I am thinking to use MS Project 2007 primarily as a tickler system to ensure that the simple tasks occur before certain critical dates. The software needs to monitor the date and time and then prompt people via email that certain deadlines are near, is this possible? Thanks.

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    Re: Can project send email reminder of task start date?

    In Project 2007, there is a Reminder button on the tracking toolbar that sends a task to Outlook 2007. You will be then able to place a reminder via outlook on that task. But if the task in Project changes you, then you will need to update the task in Outlook manually. You can also try to place deadlines on tasks and will get a flag in the indicator column if you have missed a deadline, but it will require the project managers attention. Hope this helps.

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    I tried using this function and was given an error that restarted the program. One thing I will note is that the task was shared by two persons and one of them had no email attached. I reported it to MS, but is there a work around to this?

    Hi I wish to confirm if there is any way by which MS Office project mpp file can send us an alert if there is a change, or if there is an impending task to complete

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    There is a Project plug-in now that lets project managers send email reminders to the whole team when the task is about to start or end. This is a bit more up to date than the reminder system on the calendar, since dependent task dates change constantly.

    It's called "Tap on the Shoulder" and it has a free demo version that's good for a month.

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