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    Fixed Cost

    Hi, I am using MS project 2007. Iíve created a file with the following schedule: Software Acquisition, ERP Purchase Cost, ERP Annual Maintenance, BI Purchase Cost, BI Annual Maintenance, Consulting Services and Annual Support. In all above task, there is a fixed cost and a material resource linked. What I want to do is adding actual costs against these tasks in time phased manner.

    The problem am facing is it is not allowing me to enter the actual costs manually in the timephased manner. Whenever I try adding the costs, Project automatically adds it against the total cost and does not reduce the remaining cost. Can someone here please let me know how can I add the cost in timephased manner as I would expect?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Fixed Cost

    Add one of the custom Cost fields (Cost1 for example) to the table.

    Once you have added the field, right click on the column heading to show the shortcut menu and select "Custom Field" or "Customize Field" if using Project 2007 or earlier.

    In the Custom Field dialog, select Formula under custom attributes.

    In the Formula dialog enter [Fixed Cost]. Click OK to return to the Custom Fields dialog.

    Under "Calculation for task and group summary rows", select "Roll up" and Sum.

    You may now enter your costs at the subtask level in the Fixed Cost field and the custom field will show the fixed cost entered and sum at the Summary Task level.

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    Re: Fixed Cost

    Thank you very much JulieS, it was really a helpful info. Iíll try out these steps later today and let you know the results. Help appreciated.

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