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Thread: Man Power Loading Chart

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    Man Power Loading Chart

    We have various clients one of which has provided us a format which shows different categories of work such as structural steel, equipment setting, etc and he wants a manpower chart submitted with our bid. All those information is on row headers, whereas column headers contains total man-hours on first column and the rest of the columns asks for the amount of people that will be working on each category during week 1, week 2, etc.

    While doing the work we used the already created schedule and rolled up the task details to match the row headers the client requested. We did some tweaking in the same so that now its columns show the total hours for each row per week. Now we are trying to find out how we can change the weekly totals from hours to people. Is there a way to have Project do this? Can anyone please provide some suggestion for the same?

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    Re: Man Power Loading Chart

    Go in the usage view show percent allocation (Format, Detail Styles, select Percent Allocation, Show) then Tools, Options, Schedule, show assignment units as decimal.

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    Re: Man Power Loading Chart

    I need a industrail standard chart for manpower loading in a heavy industrial faciltiy on air craft assembly. This will be for maintenance supoort on machinery.

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