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Thread: Installing Codecs without install Windows Media Player

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    Installing Codecs without install Windows Media Player

    My office PC is connected to a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 where we are not allowed to install Windows Media Player. Now I want to use first frame of an .mpg, .avi or .wmv extracted using Video Shot Maker software but it gives me an error message saying “codecs are missing.”

    The only way to fix it is by installing the Codec on Windows Server 2008 I guess but they don’t want to install WMP. Is there cany way we can install codecs without WMP? Also which codec to we need ? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Installing Codecs without install Windows Media Player

    I don’t think you can do this because if you have read a Note on the software (VideoShotMaker) site, they have clearly mentioned “If you plan to use VideoShotMaker to create ASP applications on a shared hosting service, please make sure that your hosting service supports it.” And as per your description I don’t think your server can do that, right?

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    Re: Installing Codecs without install Windows Media Player

    You will need to install atleast something on your server to get the work done. If you cannot install Windows Media Player, atleast install Desktop Experience in order to install Client components such as the codecs. Also, I’ve never experienced it personally, but you can try to backdoor into the equation using the Windows Media Encoder install. See if it works.

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