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Thread: Error code 0x80020009, wmp.dll will not register

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    Error code 0x80020009, wmp.dll will not register

    I have some problem with Windows Media Center. When I try to run some video play music I am getting a error 0x80020009 and it stopped working. Later on there is a wmp.dll not register message. I found this in event viewer and yet not able to figure out why this error keep on appearing. I am not able to find any reliable solution to deal with the problem. I tried to run windows update and even checked for some patches. But there is nothing that is working and still it is getting crashing. I am sure this is some kind of codec issue.

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    You will need to arrange two dll files and ensure that it is available in your system. The two files is wmpasf.dll and wmpdxm.dll. I had got the same error and I re-register the two files and it started working. You must try to check for some new codec. There are some codec pack that are available on web. You can try re-installing the same. If still the problem persist you can try re-installing windows media player and check back. You can look for a more newer version of media player from the web and download it in your system.

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    Re-install Windows Media Player and the problem will be solved. The issue normally appears due to some internal missing files and it can be resolved only by updating or adding the new version. You can try to run media player upgrade also. And then you can go for codec update if there is again problem in the system. I got the error on Windows XP 2. I removed it from the control panel and the installed the same back and the problem was solved. The dll file which is mentioned in the error can be downloaded from the web and replaced with the original.

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