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Thread: Unable to load any links

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    Unable to load any links

    Sorry if this post is in Wrong section. I’m using Windows Vista Home Premium desktop. Since last few days whenever I start Internet Explorer, it directly tries to open this URL and after few seconds its says “IE cannot display the webpage.’

    All other URLs are working fine on this browser but none of Microsoft sites. And due to this my Media Center as well is not able to connect to Internet and hence am not able to download content for my region. Is it just me with this problem or somebody else came through this ? Is there any possible solution for this?

    Many thanks.

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    Re: Unable to load any links

    By telling “none of Microsoft sites” did you meant you are not able to open ‘’ as well? Because the URL you have mentioned above itself has problem and will not be displayed on any PC around the world. Just try opening simply and see if you get the problem again.

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    Re: Unable to load any links

    You might have ran/installed Windows Update recently and that could have caused this problem. I have been through this issue earlier and here is what you need to do. Just go to recently installed updates folder. Search for 'Cumulative Security Updates for Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista (KB942615)'. If it is installed, you will need to uninstall it. Once installed problem will be solved. Try connecting media Center again. It will be able to connect online.

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