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Thread: ADPCM Format (2) codec?

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    ADPCM Format (2) codec?

    I recently bought a new Sony VAIO SZ440 laptop that came pre-installed with Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 11. The problem am facing with it is I have few video files in .asf format which when I try to play in Media Player, it says “Microsoft ADPCM Format (2) codec is not installed on computer.” The same file plays fine in my another VAIO laptop running with XP and WMP 11.

    I tried searching for the codec but dint found anywhere for download. Is the problem with WMP or Vista itself? How can we fix this problem? Please provide some suggestions. Thank you.

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    same problem

    I think you or me are not alone with this problem buddy, there are many more. Even I have few videos in my digi cam recorded in .asf file extension and none of them work in Windows Media Player. Also the codec is nowhere available for download. Hope anyone can help us.

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    Re: ADPCM Format (2) codec?

    The best you can do (like I do) is downloading the open source program “VLC player” and enjoy all your videos without any problem. ADPCM isn't supported in ASF playback in Windows Media Player for Windows Vista at this time. So I don’t think there is any way we can make this video play in WMP.

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    playing .asf files

    Well I can provide you few suggestions regarding this. Either use third party ASF playback application, reencode the ASF to use a different audio codec, or ask the camera provider to use a different audio codec. Or you can download/install any video converted, convert these files in to some another WMP compatible format and then play.

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