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Thread: Audio/Video Playback problem

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    Audio/Video Playback problem

    I was already having a Windows XP based laptop earlier and yet bought one more from HP with Windows XP. As I usually access all my music through iTunes, I downloaded Tunes on this new laptop as well. There was no error during the installation but when I launched iTunes it gave me an error saying:

    “iTunes has detected a problem with your audio configuration. Audio/Video playback may not operate properly.”

    When I went to Control Panel > Sound, I found there is no audio/video playback device showing up in my system. Also the volume icon in system tray is grayed out. What could be the problem? Somebody please help me fixing the same? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Audio/Video Playback problem

    The very first thing you need to check is whether audio drivers are installed on your system. Were you able to listen any sound or audio before installing iTuneS? If no, then surely it is the driver problem. Just visit HP Download center, enter your model/make of laptop, select operating system and download/install Audio Drivers. Restart computer and problem will be fixed.

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    Re: Audio/Video Playback problem

    Hello Dharuna, just open up Device Manager and see if you there is any Yellow mark under Sound and Game Controllers. If yes, simply right click and update drivers. Make sure you are connected to internet. And if you already have updated drivers installed, then it is the fault of laptop itself. As it is new, instead of trying any troubleshoot yourself, better call up HP service center and get it fixed from them itself.

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    Re: Audio/Video Playback problem

    This is obviously not the problem of iTunes. It is either windows or HP hardware problem. You should try installing / updating Audio drivers from HP’s official website. If still audio is not working than get your new laptop serviced by HP guys because it is faulty.

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