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Thread: Driver for RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card

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    Driver for RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card

    There is some set of problem with my system. I have a Windows XP with media center installed in the same. I had upgraded the same to Windows Vista. After the upgrade as you know that we have to install all the drivers plus all the needed updates. Once it was done I had downloaded some fresh drivers for Vista. I also found driver for RT73 USB Wireless LAN Card. After installation everything was working except this usb wifi card. It failed to work. I am not able to find any working solution for it.

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    The driver that you had found does not belong to Vista. It is an Windows XP driver. To run that device in Vista you will need to find the compatible driver or else under no condition that device is going to work. You can try to find a proper driver update through Windows update also. There are possibility of running a proper driver updates through compatibility mode settings. But there is very less chances that it is going to work well. I got the same issue with usb lan card. At the end I have to install XP on other partition and it started working.

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    please help me!

    I bought a wireless card (USB) edimax ew-7318USg (I chose this model because it has exit for externall antenna). It's simply based on rt73 chipset and as they provide in box it should work with ralink drivers.
    However, I tried to install the card as it was mentioned in manual. It didn't work - the card was undetected. When drivers where already installed and when I was plugging the card in the right moment -nothing happend. For a while there was an icon that means new hardware plugged to usb port, but after few seconds there was message that the new hardware is not working correctly. Also this ralink icon was black all the time signalling "Card not exist". I tried to play with device manager (the drivers are giving fault 10 - which means i should reinstall them). Other problem is that when I was plugging the card without installation of the drivers it didn't appear in device manager!! I think there is some problem in communication between card and drivers - they can't find each other. I tried on the other computer lately but it seems it's not working also. After few hours of playing with this I decided to reinstall whole system, casue i thought it may be the reason I have to many externall devices installed in my laptop and maybe there are some hidden conflicts Reinstallation didn't help. I downloaded the newest drivers and try once more. It's still not working. Please help me.... Is that possible that this card is broken??

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    i have exactly the same problem ... i bought the edimax ew7128G and after a correct installation i just have the black icon wich say to me that the "card does not exist !!!
    Device manager shows a network controler but the driver is not installed. I tried to point on the ralink driver folder but it seems to be uncorrect.

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