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Thread: Software based media center extender...

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    Software based media center extender...

    Can anyone tell me if there is a software based media center extender that I can probably use? Thanks

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    I dont think that there is any software only extender. This was asked by many users many years ago and there are still rumors of it coming and going, but there is nothing so far for it till now.

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    Re: Software based media center extender...

    Ok Guys its Finally here I found your forum looking for the solution. According to the Post they dont support US cable 100% yet but all other DVB cards including Satellite are supported. You need to install the DBV server to your PC or server with the DVB card and the Network Client for the PC that you want to be able ta acess that card. You need more than one card for more then one viewer at a time. The optimal set up to me would be install home server loaded with all your tuners and set all your all your pcs up as clients. Cool thing is you can mix and match Cable and Satelite tuners for one common Interface and guide.

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