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Thread: Can I remove the Media Center Tray Applet ?

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    Can I remove the Media Center Tray Applet ?

    I have a Windows XP SP2 laptop. Since last few days it is running very slow. I did many things I bit speed up mu laptop. But still when I check the task manager, I find ehtray.exe running every time. When I searched about it I came to know that it is somewhere related to Windows Media Center which I rarely use some time. Very less often. So I wanted to know is it is safe to remove ehtray.exe from Startup ? Can somebody please tell me how can I do the same? Many thanks.

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    Re: Can I remove the Media Center Tray Applet ?

    Yes, it is completely safe to remove it from startup. Actually ehtray.exe runs in background so that you can launch media center by simply pressing the green button on the remote. If it is stopped, you wont be able to launch it with remote, thatís only the difference.

    But is it is slowing down and you donít use Media Center then simply go to Start > RUN > type ďregeditĒ and Enter. Now navigate to the following location and delete ehtray.exe:


    Thatís it.

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