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Thread: Security component upgrade button greyed out

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    Security component upgrade button greyed out

    I am using a Media Center Edition desktop with all the latest windows update. There was some time back when I checked that I was not able top opne my movie link manager from the desktop although downloaded movies will still play with MCE movielink. After when I downloaded movies from another website then I was prompted to upgrade my windows security component for Windows Media Player 11 but the button was greyed out, so I was not able to upgrade it now view the movie. Can anyone tell me how do I resolve this issue?

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    I spent ages working on this problem with no joy. However I hit the magic button when I followed the steps below:

    1. Click Start and then run. type in regedit and press enter.
    2. Scroll down the list of registry files and open the microsoft folder.
    3. Look for the file named DRM, then delete the entire file. Exit the regesit screen.
    4. Refresh the security component screen and you should have it back to black and ready to upgrade.

    I only had the problem while I was using Mozilla Firefox. When I switched to Internet Explorer, a pop-up prompted me to download something (active X control maybe?). After that, the button worked.

    For Windows 7, I tried all of the above to no avail. Once I right-clicked windows media player and chosse "run as administrator" my digital copy downloaded.

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    Re: Security component upgrade button greyed out

    For me MelodyCan is the best software for different players. It can remove drm and convert files to different formats. You can try it_))

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    Re: Security component upgrade button greyed out

    In Windows 7 all you have to do is open Windows Media Player as administrator, then open Internet Explorer (i'm using IE9) as administrator and go to the upgrade page in the IE window that you're running as administrator and it won't be greyed out. Worked for me.

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    Re: Security component upgrade button greyed out

    You need to open Internet Explorer and then choose Tools from the top menu and then click on Internet Options. After that a panel will pop up, then choose Security tab and uncheck the option for “Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)”. Now click apply and ok and then close Internet Explorer browser. Re-launch the same browser and go to this address - You will now notice that the upgrade button will be not operationla.

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