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Thread: No Vista default Graphics Hardware Acceleration?

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    No Vista default Graphics Hardware Acceleration?

    I checked in the release notes for the new NVIDIA 100.59 driver that states that, under Video Performance the current default VISTA MPEG2 decoder will not take advantage of hardware acceleration. I have checked this on my dual boot XP and Vista machine and it seems to be true. Can anyone confirm whether this is confirmed from microsoft and if so is there any patch going to be released for same? Thanks

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    Re: No Vista default Graphics Hardware Acceleration?

    There are a lot of problems with Nvidia's drivers currently and they dont seem to be stable at the time of Vista's release. I think that things will getter in the next month or maybe a couple of months since it was said that they are working on them. I think that you should check their website every often to see when they release the stable version of the drivers.

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    This seems to be true because Microsoft has made no talks whether they will ever support hardware acceleration of Mpeg2 on the decoder or not. Another thing is that Nvidia should release their version of purevideo decoder with teh hardware acceleration that is included but they didnt have said anything about their current plans to do so.

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    I am able to run the Nvidia decoder on Windows Vista and it tells me that it is able to use the Hardware Acceleration.

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