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Thread: mediaserver.exe dominating CPU

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    mediaserver.exe dominating CPU

    I have a six months old Media Center PC. It was working fine earlier but from last couple of days it started working too slow. The only change I did is installed Zune software last week. Today when I checked Task manager I found a process called “mediaserver.exe” eating up 99% of CPU and due to this am not able to run any other program. I would have kill this process but as I don’t know which program it is related, I thought first ask here.

    Is it safe to kill mediaserver.exe from task manager?

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    RE: mediaserver.exe dominating CPU

    Hello RaeS, mediaserver.exe is related to D-Link's DSM320 MediaLounge Centre device that allows the delivery of streaming video, photographs and music from a home PC acting as a server. So if you have D-Link MediaLounge installed on your system better try to uninstall and reinstall the same. Later update all drivers and see if it is working normal.

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    RE: mediaserver.exe dominating CPU

    I appreciate your help LeSueur but I don’t have D-Link's MediaLounge on my system. Anyways, I managed to fix my problem by simply installing Netgear's Digital Entertainer EVA700) to route media from my PC to a TV. Thanks anyway.

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