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Thread: After Windows Media Center 2005 update DirecTv remote stopped working

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    After Windows Media Center 2005 update DirecTv remote stopped working

    My system was working fine. My friend suggested me to upgrade to Windows Media Center 2005. The upgrade was fine and there was no problem. After a while when entire configuration was done I found that Media Center is not able to identify my remote. I tried to check the receiver it was installed. But I cannot use remote on the same. I need some help here to activate the remote. Does anyone has idea why this issue persist. The remote that I am using is from DirecTV. How to fix this out.

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    The problem lies with IR. As per my experience I had noticed that remote which are certified as compatible with Windows Media Center only works. Any remote will not work with it. I had bought a remote from amazon to use on MCE 2005 but it failed to install even when the IR was properly configured. Then I ordered one from Microsoft website and it was working well. There was no problem at all. You have to either downgrade the edition of MCE you have or get a compatible device which will really respond.

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    Yes it is correct that the MCE will work on OEM remote only. Other third party will not work. But there is a way of using that. For that you will need to quit using Windows Media Player. You will need to install a third party media player in your system and then it will be detected. Whenever you are buying or upgrading your Media Center you must thoroughly investigate the associated hardware and other updates. Because this can very easily screw up all the settings.

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