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Thread: Media Player 11 & mms streaming problem

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    Media Player 11 & mms streaming problem

    I have a Windows 2000 server on my network. I had configured this to share my media files around the web. There is a XP system on the other room which has Windows Media player 10 installed on the same. This is a kind of new computer that I configured. But somehow I am not able to access the network files and there is a constant error on it. It looks the server is not able to accept the connectivity. I need some help here to manage the proper and unblocked streaming on the network.

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    It can be issue with the connectivity or file permission. It is recommended that you must try to reconfigure the server back from scratch. What is the exact error that you are getting while using it on Windows. Does Media Streaming freezes or show no file detected. Just reconfigure your entire settings and for the time being disable your security settings also and then check again.

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    The server configuration failed due to which media streaming is not working. I think you have to forward a port and allow it dedicatedly to stream content. If you are using some kind of security stuff on your network then there are chances it will block it. The media streaming is like accessing file which is only allowed when the user has proper access to the same.

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    WMP11 and MMS


    I have WM Player 11 running on a PC with XP SP2, When i tried playing an Akamai MMS URL for a live stream it streams successfully as the mms rolls over to RTSP. However i have a end user who cannot play the stream on WMPlayer11. She gets an error "WMP encountered a problem while playing the file", I checked the Protocol settings , ensured that RTSP/TCP, RTSP/UDP and HTTP protocols are checked and set to Autodetect connection settings (The laptop is directly connected to the internet, without a proxy). The Windows Firewall is turned off on the laptop.

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    woot found the solution on another site (been after this solution for ages!!!!)

    It's so simple

    copy this:

    regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\wmnetmgr.dll

    Press start

    press ctrl+v

    press enter


    Hope this helps guys!!

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    Sorry for bumping an old thread, but this is the main one that comes up when you search for this problem, so now many people will find the answer they need =]

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    jameilious is right, that will fix your streaming problem. In Vista, run cmd.exe, type in "regsvr32 wmnetmgr.dll", enter and you are done.

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