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Thread: Hauppauge Remote not working

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    Hauppauge Remote not working

    My remote tv tuner that came with Hauppauge WinTV Plus is not working. Its sending signal light comes up when i press any button but nothing happens. I have installed the IR software required for it and i have crossed checked it batteries in other remotes but no luck. Do i have to do something else for getting it working??? If YES than what. If NO then what might be the issue in my case???

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    If you are trying to use the remote for controlling Media Center then you will have to edit C:\WINDOWS\Irremote.ini accordingly. So as to tell Hauppauge's remote software what has to be sent to the Media Center. There are quite a few good articles over the web for editing irremote.ini. Just check it out and you can refer to any article that you find easy to understand, hope that helps.

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