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Thread: Video Error - Files needed to display video are missing or corrupt

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    Video Error - Files needed to display video are missing or corrupt

    I used to have this error message always but I was able to solve it by either restarting my computer or just restarting the Media Center and sometimes I even used System Restore to a previous date as well to fix this issue. So, just recently, I was getting the error message that a recording has failed. I launched the program to find out why and then got this error message that files needed to display video are missing or corrupt. I followed all of the above but still nothing worked for me. I am able to play the previously recorded programs and also see the programming guide but the problem is the I am not able to record anything new and also cannot watch live TV or cannot even play the videos that are on the hard drive from other sources. I have got a HP Pavilion laptop that came with a external PVR. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Video Error - Files needed to display video are missing or corrupt

    As per the problem that you are having, it seems to me that it is related to your TV Tuner Card or Video Capture card or it might be also possible that the problem would be with its MCE drivers because MCE cannot receive anything new from the card. You should try to upgrade Windows XP with service pack 2 or can also try to upgrade to MCE 2004 from MCE 2003 that will help you out.

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    Even I had this issue for months but after some research I finally found the solution for this problem by reinstalling and updating the TV Tuner driver, follow the below method:
    1. First of all click Start, then go to All Programs, hewlett-packard, hp pavilion PC tools, and then hp application recovery.
    2. After that you can try to select Driver Installation, and click Next.
    3. Now you will have to select the name of the TV tuner card that is used on the computer, usually eMuzed TV Tuner or Hauppauge.
    4. Now you can try to click Install, and then click OK after the driver has finished installing.
    5. Lastly, you have to click Quit to close the HP Application Recovery program and restart the computer and after that the problem will be solved.

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