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IR Hardware Not Detected Error as well


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Old 25-03-2005
Join Date: Nov 2004
Posts: 40
IR Hardware Not Detected Error as well

I have a WinTV-500 PVR Dual Tv Tuner card installed in my system. There was some issue with the card. It was installed well and I can see the second screen also. There was a bit flickering but that was resolved by driver update. Later on I found that media center does not detect or read the IR device. There is only one remote with me and it not at all work on media center. I checked media center there were no related settings were available.

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Old 31-05-2005
Join Date: Oct 2004
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The problem lies with DVD Decoder. I think it is not installed and due to which you are getting that error. It is recommended that you must check first the DVD Decoder is installed and it is detected. Second important thing you need to check that there must be a proper driver available of using the same. If the IR device lacks a proper driver as per your OS edition or else there will be more error.
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Old 03-05-2007
Join Date: May 2007
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The Answer

Go back in to Windows Media Center setup

Select: Tasks -> Settings -> TV -> Setup TV Signal

Answer YES to popup questions - are you sure??

Continue normally through TV Signal Setup UNTIL:


Select -> ANTENNA - I dont care what you are plugged in to

Select -> ANALOG-ONLY ANTENNA - I dont care what you are plugged in to

Select -> RETURN TO TV SETTINGS - unless you really want Guide Listings

Select -> FINISH

SORRY - You have now by-passed the IR control device. you have to use a cable input and not a S-Video or composite input


Cheers from the Cisco Production Support Team
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Old 03-08-2007
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 1
The above solution is quiet good. I had done through the steps but still getting a warning when I try to watch the TV. I cannot understand the actual setup. I check in the settings and each time it so me No IR detected.
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Old 29-09-2007
Join Date: Sep 2007
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the coax input has NEVER given me a signal. Our shop has security cameras and the signal is being sent to the computer where its being recorded to the hdd (as well as the vcr). I get this IR hardware not detected (even though the computer has it). One would think that it should be relatively simple to set up. Any suggestions on this? There is no box, there are no channels...there's just signal coming through coax...I'd love some help on this one. Sony Vaio comes with an IR USB dealio. I have set up the tv signal about 1,000 times. I do know its coming through the coax because I have it connected to an RCA adapter, and if I say 'yes' to the setup box, I can pick 'Composite1' as the input and see the preview, the next screen tells me there's no IR hardware.
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Old 21-09-2010
Join Date: Sep 2010
Location: West Virginia usa
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Re: IR Hardware Not Detected Error as well

Can anyone tell me if I can apply the IR Hdw error workaround for Win Media Center to my:

satellite box - to - ATI TV Wonder HD750 - to - usb input.

The best I can do is garbled snow/noise with pieces of picture.

I get good performance with Totalmedia3 and I do see video during the WMC setup procedure.

I'm using the coax connection from the DirecTV settop box to the external [ATI] module.

Ficus s
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Old 21-09-2010
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Re: IR Hardware Not Detected Error as well

Hi ficuss,

When you plug it in/unplug it from USB, do you get a confirmation of adding/removing hardware? Have tried pluggin in to a different USB port? Do you have the IR Blaster plugged into the IR receiver? Did you reload the DVD decoder after downgrading? This is a genuine MCE compatible remote kit you are using?
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