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Thread: Why can't I rip mp3's with WMP10?

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    Why can't I rip mp3's with WMP10?

    I am getting an error message if I try to rip a CD to Mp3 format in Windows Media Player 10, the error states that "Windows Media Player cannot rip the track because a compatible MP3 encoder is not installed on your computer. Install a compatible MP3 encoder or choose a different format to rip to (such as Windows Media Audio)". Anyone can help me out or not?

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    Did you try to go to tools >> options >> file type and then checked if mp3 is checked or not, either check it or check all and then apply. This will definitely help you out.

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    The solution for this problem is to go to Windows Media Players Tools >> Options >> Rip music menu and then choose anything that 128kbps in the drop-down. After that try to delete the registry value "LowrateSample" which might be under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\MediaPlayer\Settings\Mp3Encoding. Incase the same value is not existing then you may have to make that the "PreferredCodecPath" at that location that is pointing to "l3codecp.acm".

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    Re: Why can't I rip mp3's with WMP10?

    Thanks you so much for you very easy and clear reply and fix
    Worked perfectly all I did was click on copy MP3 files how easy was that!!!!
    I so appriciate folks like you my husband was about to download some new software etc...
    Not sure if you will ever even ready this bbut I registered here just to say thanks you!!!

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