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Thread: Media Center Extender Setup with Xbox 360

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    Media Center Extender Setup with Xbox 360

    How to configure a media center extender with Xbox 360. First I had installed Media Center 2005 on my system. It is installed well and there is no issue at all. Now after connecting Xbox 360 I keep on getting setup error. I am not able to figure out the issue behind it. The error is common and when I try to connect it tells to reconnect it. I had tried to put everything on default settings but still it do not work. Are there any appropriate settings available that can help me to fix the problem.

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    What exact error are you getting and at what time. At the time of initial configuration or while streaming videos. It is necessary that you give a detailed information on what problem you are facing. You can find the related information on in Event Viewer. That is the only place where you detailed description why the setup failed. Another thing when you are connecting a extender it is necessary that it is detected or installed to get identified.

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    I had gone through number of different problems while configuring Media Center properly. First of all if you are on Vista then you must not really try to work hard on it. Vista has tons of compatibility bugs with drivers due to which it fails to work properly. Compared to that Windows XP is one of the best one. I am trying to configure extender through remote desktop connectivity. And on Windows XP the same work quite nicely. There was no error at all. But somehow after Vista upgrade entire things were screwed up.

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    Media Centre 2005 Xp 360 WORRIES!!?!?

    I am currently going through the same issues Trevor was with connecting my Media Center XP 2005 to my 360. I have tried everything so this is my last resort! The funny thing was that when I firsts installed the Media Center Xp 2005 software it worked for a bit now it does not! Thats the annoying part. It gives me the nice message right after you finish putting in the 360's number."Setup error A problem occurred during setup. Please run the setup again. If the problem persists, contact your computer manufacturer for assistance. I tried your suggestions about the MCRD Users and test admin and still no luck! If you could provide any answer would be greatly appreciated! As the online support for this issue was no help at all...

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    I cannot find my media extender in Vista. It is not at all detected. Everything is connected and on lan I had shared all my files. But Windows fails to find it. It is very annoying. When hook Xbox directly through rj45 connector then it looks to be reading my files. I need some help here to find a proper solution on it.

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    There is one thing you can do. Disable your firewall and all security applications. Then check whether you are able to access all the connected devices. Last time I wasted a long time to find why Xbox is unable to get shared content on the web. The firewall was blocking it. It is also recommended that you arrange a set of user accounts that will be allowed to read your shared resources.

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